Partner / Cooperations

Q.I. Press Controls is available for color and cut-off register system, color measurement and control system and fan-out correction system

EAE is the leading supplier of controls, automation solutions and software for newspaper printers. From planning via control down to the management system. EAE solutions are being used in all areas of a newspaper printing plant - from pre press to mailroom. Worldwide more than 550 newspaper printing sites are using EAE's controls. Using these controls our customers produce more than 125 million newspapers per day.

Blanket cleaning and dust removing system
Blanket cleaning with the web - different philosophy about blanketcleaning
Solution for web cleaning - paper dust extraction

Innovative, fully automatic, hydraulic and pneumatic ink supply system, including automatic color level and color usage control for sheet, web and packaging printing industry

The press of zirconium - Modern and making for the customer

OXYTECH SYSTEMS INC - developed and constructed innovative and custom-made infrared and ultraviolet products for sheet fed and web offset machines UV dryer system, IR dryer system, Electrostatic tubes for OXY-DRY and ESS spray  powder system

The soundproofing system ALPHA is a completely self-supporting system. Without additional steel construction but with special connection technology.

Next Generation Roller Nip Control Precise - Clean – Consistent RNI and PI - now with new instruments, new Software and new sensor